i'm just a geek who is passionate about his hobbies

Welcome to my website The Geeky Panda, an extension of my YouTube channel/Twitch Channel to help promote my brand. But also to help spread my geeky passions in Gaming, Anime, Conventions, Cosplays, and more!



Checkout my Review articles for Gaming, Anime/Conventions, and Movies/TV Shows here! See how I feel about the products in mind through the eyes of a passionate geek.


photography / videography

Photography and Videography has always been another core passion of mine. Feel free to checkout my past work, see what I'm working on. Or if your interested in doing a future photoshoot at a Con check out my details there.



Checkout my Personal Blog updating you all on my thoughts, experiences, and what I am doing that's everything geeky. From Video Games, Anime, Table Top, etc. 


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