Hi, I’m Panda, 30 years old, and a Geek.

Growing up in life I have always been a geek. I stomped on my first Goomba in Super Mario World when I was growing up to leading my armies in Red Alert. Staying up late watching Adult Swim for the Anime shows they had like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, etc. Building my own Table-Top Miniature Army in Warhammer 40K because For the Emperor! I have traveled to many different Conventions around the US. I also traveled around the world due to being a Military Brat growing up to places like Philippines, England, and more.

I’ve been with the Gaming Industry for both as a Q/A Tester for AAA Titles, I also was a Gaming Journalist contributing to various websites. Learned Photography/Videography in School and self-training for 6+ years now. I lost count with how many Conventions I attended for both as Attendee early on to Media/Content Creator now.

I will never stop being a Geek because its what I know best.

“Kick logic out and do the impossible!”
— Kamina, Gurren Lagann

What I've Achieved So FAR..

  • Former Editor-In-Chief for HLGamer.com

  • Former Contributor for GamerNode.com

  • Q/A Tester for several AAA Titles.

  • Former MLG Team Member of H2O in Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

  • Credited Videographer in Documentary video called "Cosplayer Nation."

  • Content Creator on YouTube for 7+ Year Running Channel

  • Press Media for several conventions including PAX East, New York Comic Con, etc.

  • Guest at CTGamerCon 2019

  • Featured CT YouTuber at RetroWorld Expo 2019

  • Hosted/Co-Hosted Variety of Panels at Conventions including,

    • Game Shows

    • Series Overviews

    • Late Night 18+ Panels