New Partnerships and Looking into the Future

For those of you who haven’t already known I am now officially part of the Offworld Industries Creative Partner Program for Squad. I’ve been a huge fan of this early access game and originally one of the Kickstarter Backers as well. This Partnership will include more content aimed at Squad for both my YouTube Gaming video content as well as streams on TwitchTV/Mixer. I also like to give huge thanks to Offworld Industries for providing Keys of Squad for me to give out during my Memorial Day Charity for Stack-Up Organization. Which I am happy to say raised about $275 to help out the organization.

Squad -

Offworld Industries -

I will also be looking into future partnerships and also potential sponsors throughout my Content Creator Career. I want to build more brigades to more Game Developers and Publishers but also other Content Creators as well. I look more for friendships, building bridges with friendships in mind builds a much stronger bond and sometimes you never know who your next best friend will be.