2018 is Looking to be a Good Year for the Panda!

As 2017 is slowly coming to an end with it being November and all.I am already looking into the New Year for 2018 including a couple of key things that I want to do; both for the Website and YouTube Channel. I'm not going to lie it will cost a good bit of money but that means it gets me to my goals ever closer. 

As far as YouTube goes I recently picked up a Nintendo Switch and already busy recording Let's Plays for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For awhile I refuse to do any Nintendo content due to Nintendo's backward logic when it comes to YouTubers. But I grew up on Nintendo and lately been stressed both mentally and physically. So I now own a Switch and planning to build a game collection for it. On top of that I plan on building a new PC to do more PC Gaming content as well. I doing a collaboration project for a Web-series. I can't say anything about the details now but its in the works and it will be full of Geeky content. 

For Twitch I am starting to Stream more and get back into things. I am also adjusting my schedule to help better understand when are good times to stream vs balancing my life, work, etc. I did my first Extra Life stream and for 8 hours I am not going to lie I give the Streamers major props for doing 8-24HR stream. Still next year I will be doing much more streams and providing additional content outside my Youtube Channel and Website.

My Photography/Videography gear will be doing a huge upgrade for next year. I will be picking up the Canon T7i with new lens, lighting equipment, green screen, and more. I am long over due for an upgrade and my T3i has definitely served me well. I will still plan on using it as a secondary but I do feel like the time is right for an upgrade for next year. I plan on using the new gear hopefully by CTGAMERCON and Anime Boston to start with.

I also have a few things I want to do myself and spread into but I won't say anything for now until I got something going. Still next year will be a good year and I plan on making the most of it.