Website Launched, More Things To Come!

So now since I have officially launched the website, now I have more plans to add to the website and for both my Youtube Channel and Twitch Channel.

First off, the Website will be a HUB for most of my major content. How the website separates from my other channels are Written Reviews for Video Games, Anime, Conventions, and more. With these reviews they will be more varied from my YouTube Channel but also more detailed. This will also contain my Portfolio of my Photography and Videography content as well. I plan on adding more content to the site but I want to keep things simple for now.

As far as my Content Creating goes I recently picked up a new Gaming PC, the IBUYPOWER Tracer 941 model. Granted yes its a Pre-Built and $1700 later its one of the better High-End Machines I've seen. With this for the past week I was installing software, modifying and calibrating my settings for recording/streaming, and more. The new PC will let me do quality PC Gaming Content that I originally wanted to do for awhile. Plus I can stream more awesome PC games too. I also recently picked up a Xbox One X so now I own 2 of the 3 current-gen systems out there. This will help open up more doors as far as providing content goes.

There will be a up-do-date Twitch schedule to be release this week as well as looking into other Platforms to stream on including the possibility of Mixer. So expect regular streams again soon.

With this everything is finally coming into place and now I have the proper tools needed to kick some ass.