2018 Draws Closer to an End

With 2018 drawing ever closer, its always a good time to reflect on what has happened.

For the past few months I had a blast attending a variety of Conventions all throughout the year. This has to be the most I attended ever in 1 year's time. With PAX East always being a favorite of mine to attend, while Anime Boston is a great place to meet up with friends. There has been smaller conventions like ComiConn that seems to be getting alittle better but seems alot is against it since TerrifiCon was amazing and the Expo Center at Mohegan Sun Casino will guarantee they are here to stay.  Even then I have atleast 2 more conventions to attend, Retro World Expo which is next weekend shows great promise and it will be the first year I am sharing a booth with my good friend TimeEnforcer Anubis promoting our respective content. Also the last convention of the year will be AnimeNYC, a major Anime Convention that has great potential to be the biggest on the East Coast.

While conventions are always awesome to attend and make content for my YouTube Channel, my Youtube and Twitch channels have seem to be growing themselves. My YouTube channel is finally closing in on 3,000 Subscribers but has over 1.1 Million Total Views which is insane. I am glad that my hard work is paying off and my channel is growing. Twitch I also have started putting more and more effort into. I actually looked into other alternative Streaming sites but concluded that TwitchTV is the best way to promote/provide streaming content for. While my channel maybe small I will still keep moving forward. Plus I love interacting with other streamers on there helping each other out.

There is going to be more content coming out soon for both YouTube and TwitchTV, I have many ideas and content I want to put in place. I am seriously happy where I am at right now with both but I am always looking to refine, improve, and add to my content for people to watch and enjoy. Seriously, thank you for those who supported me, watched/enjoyed my content, and more.

You all are awesome wonderful people and when the chips are down, believe in the Panda that believes in YOU!