Path to being Official, Also More Plans

My path to potentially being a full-time Content Creator is taking another step forward. I have officially filed for a Business License as a Independent Entertainer but also took needed steps as well with that. With this I can now conduct business officially too.

I have plans to start doing a Limited Merchandise sale targeting for a Mid-Late Summer Launch. It will include custom made Morale Patch Designs with velcro backing. I will also plan for a limited T-Shirt design hopefully by Fall of 2019.

I am also going to introduce new Twitch Emotes and Subscriber Badges to my Twitch Channel as well. Ontop of that I am potentially looking into expanding in other streaming services like Mixer. As far as my YouTube channel is concerned it will be a steady video uploads thorough the week. I may look into streaming on that platform for exclusive events only.

As far as games go, I’ve been slowly collecting more and more PS3 titles. Recently I picked up a few more PS3 games including Sonic (2006) which my friends been asking me why. I also been adding more PS2 games to my collection too and slowly getting a few Wii titles. I will eventually plan on more PS3 games until I decided to stop collecting which will happen. With that I will ramp up my efforts for more PS2 titles to add and Wii. I will get some random N64 and Dreamcast titles here and there with some PS1 stuff. But right now priority is PS3.