First Guest Apperance at CTGamerCon 2019!

I am very happy to announce that I will be officially one of the Guests at CTGamerCon 2019. A Gaming Convention hosted at Mohegan Sun Casino via its Expo Center. The event will be from March 23rd - 24th and I will have a Table there to promote my content. The Convention has grown larger and larger and is becoming a hotspot for gamers not only in Connecticut but New England region.

I just want to say I am extremely thankful for not only my Family and Friends, but also to my fans and viewers of my content, and also for the folks over at CTGamerCon for this. This marks as the first time I am officially a Guest at a Convention. The time, effort, and sacrifices I put into my content over the past few years has definitely been costly. But its folks like you that have been enjoying my content. And every piece of content I make or do I put into it my full passion. I also like to give a HUGE shout out to She’s Lost Control Media, they are a Media/Consulting Company that helps out Artists and Content Creators.

As far as what to expect, I will have something planned for my table at the Convention. I will also be recording video content to be posted up on my YouTube Channel. And I might do a special stream of the event to my TwitchTV channel as well. Feel free to approach my table and say hi.

This marks for a great start of the year, let’s see what happens next!