Tale of Two Resorts 

UPDATE: Post has been updated with newer information, links added, and more. Altered Reality Entertainment never had anything to do with ComiConn at Mohegan Sun, originally Big Fedora Marketing hosted the Convention at Mohegan Sun in 2015 and previously but trademark challenge happened. See updated blog post for more details.

                Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino are two Resorts sitting across the river from each other here in Connecticut. Both offer similar amenities, events, and more. Both Resorts have been always trying to one up each other whenever possible.But one of them offers more variety to the Geeks and Gamers than the other.

                Mohegan Sun first started offering Geeky/Gaming themed content with its Arena Events like the Star Wars Orchestra show back in 2010. Though recently there hasn’t been any new shows or Tours from major Content Creators, etc . Then in 2015 ComiConn was hosted at Mohegan, originally run by Big Fedora Marketing. Feedback from the event was mixed, though this was the first time the Resort hosted a Comic Con so adjustments and growing pains were going to happen. ComiConn had an interesting history throughout the years, Big Fedora Marketing originally started it back in 2012. Though through a trademark claim had to changed to TerrifiCon. After in 2015 ComiConn then became TerrifiCon, a 3-Day Comic Convention decided to be in its place. Run by a different company BIG FEDORA MARKETING, LLC., TerrifiCon eventually throughout the years started to become a premiere spot to attend to attend if you’re a geek, comic book collector, and gamer here in Connecticut. Also in 2017 Big Fedora Marketing also decided to start up CTGamerCon, a convention specifically targeting Gamers with a variety of games to play and tournaments, vendors to shop at, and more. Though the event is smaller than TerrifiCon and still growing in content it does have potential and is a solid place to socialize with other gamers.  Big Fedora Marketing and Mohegan Sun Casino has built a healthy relationship together teaming up to ensure an enjoyable experience, stay, and options for the gamers and geeks coming to these conventions. It really shows how Convention Organizations and Venue Organizations can communicate effectively together. Mohegan Sun also recently opened a new and bigger Convention Center to host bigger venue events which TerrifiCon utilized in 2018.

                Foxwoods Resort Casino started offering its own Geeky/Gaming themed content with its hosted shows and events. Back in 2014 Game Underground hosted a 3-Day Gaming Weekend offering Tournaments, Free to Play Stations, Vendor Stalls, and more. Sadly Game Underground never returned back to Foxwoods. In 2016 Foxwoods hosted “GameGrumps” Tour at one of its theaters (which was sold out) with success. Though from 2014 till now they haven’t had any more Geek/Gaming themed shows at it’s theaters. Foxwoods does host from time to time throughout the year “Kids Week.” A 3-4 Day Event including Video Games but more targeting families and video game options are limited. Recently in 2019 Compete4Ever currently hosts Madden Tournament Events. Though these events are very small and unlikely to gain any traction since it’s not part of a Major eSports Organization. As far as conventions go was non-existent until few years ago. In 2017 Altered Reality Entertainment made a deal with Foxwoods to have their Convention be hosted there called ComiConn. The first year that it was hosted in Foxwoods was very busy. The convention as only for 2-Days (Sat-Sun) and managed to max out the amount of people allowed in its Convention Center area. It would seem Foxwoods underestimated how many attendees would come to the event as the rooms were crammed packed. Though growing pains and adjustments had to happen it was the first time Foxwoods ever had a Comic Con. In 2018 ComiConn came back though as far as content for attendees and there was a clear attendee drop between 2017 and 2018. While families and other people commented on having a fun time at the event, the convention goers and veterans noted of lack of content and space for it. The venue at Foxwoods offered was too little and wasn’t much left to expand with to grow.  I myself felt that there wasn’t much really there to offer for the average Convention Goer, at best only for families. ComiConn has declared they are opting to skip 2019 in order to re-organize and better prepare for 2020. With Altered Reality Entertainment I did some research and noticed when they announced to skip this year all mention of Foxwoods Resorts Casino on their website and social media has been taken down. It makes me think that either contract expired and wished to not renew or something behinds the scenes didn’t work out between Foxwoods and Altered Reality.

                Both Resorts throughout the years have offered both gaming and geek events and shows it has become clear that at least in the state of Connecticut there is a sizeable community for both. There are also other Conventions hosted in Connecticut in Hartford area including ConnectiCon, Retro World Expo, and more. While Foxwoods did do decently well to start with GameGrumps Tour, Game Underground 3-Day Event, and ComiConn. Sadly we never saw any more shows targeting the Geeks and Gamers in its Theaters. Game Underground never came back and actually team up with CTGamerCon 2019 at Mohegan Sun. And ComiConn with its feedback of no sizeable content and a small venue space offering seems to be looking for another venue to be hosted at for 2020. Mohegan Sun on the other hand has shown promise, though lack of Tours and Shows recently in its Arena is a letdown. The fact that both TerrifiCon and CTGamerCon have been returning and gaining traction and growth shows good signs that both conventions are here to stay at Mohegan Sun. I always believed Competition breeds Excellence, having both Resorts offers similar Events and Conventions would only make things better for the geeks and gamers in this State and possibly even New England. Sadly seems like Foxwoods might be getting the KO Punch as Mohegan Sun continues its march forward. We will see what will happen in the next 5 years but for now, Mohegan Sun Casino has the spotlight. Not for lack of trying on Foxwoods part at least.

First Guest Apperance at CTGamerCon 2019!

I am very happy to announce that I will be officially one of the Guests at CTGamerCon 2019. A Gaming Convention hosted at Mohegan Sun Casino via its Expo Center. The event will be from March 23rd - 24th and I will have a Table there to promote my content. The Convention has grown larger and larger and is becoming a hotspot for gamers not only in Connecticut but New England region.

I just want to say I am extremely thankful for not only my Family and Friends, but also to my fans and viewers of my content, and also for the folks over at CTGamerCon for this. This marks as the first time I am officially a Guest at a Convention. The time, effort, and sacrifices I put into my content over the past few years has definitely been costly. But its folks like you that have been enjoying my content. And every piece of content I make or do I put into it my full passion. I also like to give a HUGE shout out to She’s Lost Control Media, they are a Media/Consulting Company that helps out Artists and Content Creators.

As far as what to expect, I will have something planned for my table at the Convention. I will also be recording video content to be posted up on my YouTube Channel. And I might do a special stream of the event to my TwitchTV channel as well. Feel free to approach my table and say hi.

This marks for a great start of the year, let’s see what happens next!