10 Month Break from Major Conventions

Heyo Everyone,

First off I like to say I’m thankful for the experiences, the opportunities, and for the friends I’ve made during my trips to the conventions I have been to. As such I have been put in a position where I need to pay off my bills/debt more than attending any major conventions.

For the next 10 months atleast I will not be attending any major conventions and concentrate on paying off much needed bills and debt. I cannot ignore my financial situation any longer and I need to bunker down and pay off everything while saving up to move out by Fall of 2019. I will not be attending the 2 conventions I’ve always had a great time and expected me to attend which are PAX East and Anime Boston. I have created tons of content from those conventions, made tons of new friends, and had some pretty great experiences. I am not going to lie it will feel really weird not attending and I will miss everyone alot. But when you get older you have to see the bigger picture in life, so you need to be an Adult and do what you need first, than what you want.

I will be attending within the 10 month time 2 smaller conventions that are local. Both CTGAMERCON in March and TerrifiCon in August. The only reason why I am attending is they are not only local (VERY LOCAL for me) but also I acquire Media Badges for both. Expect my usual content but more for these conventions. As for ComiConn at Foxwoods I will not be attending it since its too small and doesn’t offer much for a Con Goer like myself.

As far as major conventions go as of right now the only thing planned for 2019 is Anime NYC. Had such a great experience there and it really impressed myself but also the folks at Iyashikei too.

I will be continuing to make content for Youtube and streaming on TwitchTV. I will also be doing Cosplay Photoshoots and Video Shoots too. Content will still come.