Content Changes for 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, 2019 aims to be even a bigger year for this Geeky Panda. With that there will be changes, new additions and updates to my Content on all Platforms.


First off I am very happy how far I’ve come for TwitchTV. When I started to get back into streaming, to the Content Creators I’ve met, the Fans that have been coming in, I am very happy with everything. Of course though Twitch is VERY HARD to get a foothold in now a days, especially since there can be a variety of Content Creators out there in a number of fields. The sad thing is that its still hard to search for Content Creators to see the kind of content you want, and it basically promotes who ever has the highest viewers will get more in the spotlight. With that I am modifying my schedule for only Thursday and Friday nights at 8PM / 2000HR EST. Reason being is I work a full time job and create content for my YouTube Channel. There will be Special Events as well for Twitch and including certain Saturday Night Streams as well throughout the new year.

I will also include building a better quality stream as far as better Overlays, Camera Options, and more.


As I am very close to hitting my 3,000 Subscriber Goal for my YouTube Channel I am very happy how far I have come. I have been mixing in different kinds of games and content in the Gaming, Anime, Convention, and Geek worlds out there. There will be more different kinds of content in the coming future including but not limited to,

  • More Anime Figure Unboxings

  • More Let’s Plays where I finish the Game

  • More Personal VLOG videos

  • More Content Creator Collaberations

  • And More

With the 10 Month Major Convention Time Off I will still be going to conventions in FALL of 2019 and smaller conventions during that time. So you will still expect to see convention content. I will also go through my old video files to upload never before seen videos too.


My Discord Community has also been slowly growing. With that I have been editing and making changes to update the discord with new rules, new sections, and more.


In 2019 I will plan on finally moving to merchandise sales for The Geeky Panda Brand. At first these will includes T-Shirts and other Clothing. I am hoping for a soft-launch in mid-late Spring with full launch in Summer Time. Though inventory will be limited it will be a start. I will also look into Pins as well.


There will be MAJOR Announcement on Jan 1st of next year. I cannot say the details now but the ball is definitely rolling and alot is going on behind the scenes.