Iyashikei Partnership Announcement

Now the big Announcement as many of you may already now know is the Partnership with Iyashikei. A website dedicated to the Otaku Fandom including Anime and Conventions.

What can you expect from this Partnership with Iyashikei?

The exclusive content can be found on both Iyashikei’s Website and Youtube Channel. The Podcast for NTR Radio I will be a Guest Host atleast once a month for the Podcast. This is definitely going to be a great opportunity for those who love and enjoy Otaku culture, or is just getting into it.

For those fearing that I will slow down my content on my Youtube Channel, TwitchTV Streams, and Website don’t worry. I will still create content geared towards Anime, Conventions, Cosplays, and more on my YouTube Channel.

Above all else, the new year is starting off with great promise.

Let’s see where the road will lead.